Sunday 10/4

Avocado Cilantro Dressing:
1 ripe Haas avocado
3 Tbsp nonfat plain Greek yogurt
4 Tbsp fresh cilantro leaves
4 tsp fresh lime juice1 tsp raw honey4-6 Tbsp cold water (to desired consistency)1/4 tsp sea salt
Puree all of the ingredients in a mini food processor or blender. Adjust seasoning to taste. Drizzle & enjoy!
*makes 4-6 servings .


Saturday 10/3


FGB Style
1 minute at each station:
Rope climbs or rope pulls
Tire Flips
Strong  Man 50#/40#
Log Squats
Row (Calories)
Box Jumps 24/20
Rest 1 minute
3 Rounds