Sunday 11/15

Join us for the California Invasion at our box today at 6 p.m. PT. 

If we require warning labels on toxic or dangerous products like tobacco, why don’t we hold sugar-loaded beverages to the same standard? Tell Sacramento to get smart on commonsense soda labeling:

Greg Glassman and CrossFit Inc. began the California Invasion: Rally to Fight Big Soda on November 8th and are making a stop at CrossFit Marina on November 15th (Today)!

In January 2016, the Senate Health Committee will reconsider SB 203, which proposes a warning label on sugary drinks. This tour is to rally support for the bill.

Greg will be speaking at our gym with a Q and A to follow. Shirts will be given to attendees while they last. Food and refreshments will be provided. Hope to see all of you there!